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Who Would You Boo?

Mitt Romney got booed by the NAACP because he’s an asshole. That’s funny to me. Do you ever boo? If so, when? Who? Why?

“I booed Kid Rock once but I was really really drunk so I’m not sure why. I’d do that shit again though.”

English Opium Eater

“I don’t boo, but I do hisssssssssssss.”

World Videogame Champion

“Oh yeah, I remember now. He was on wrestling with that fucking Degeneration X. That damn Sean Michales needs to get out of David Lee Roth’s ass! Van Halen is a national treasure! Vanhagar and Sean Michales need to move to Masachutchits and get their gay asses till death do them part. China has a baby dick and X Pac “sucked it”!!!”

English Opium Eater

“I would boo my wife’s gynecologist. What am I paying him for again?”

Fricassee Chef

“I would like to say boo to America. Boo America. Booooooo!”

Google Enthusiast

“Did you say ‘boo’ or ‘bone’? Doesn’t matter, either way: Ashton Kutcher.”

Dr. Acula
Sexology Professor, UNF Department of Freak Studies

“I would say ‘boo’ to my myself because I’m a complete loser. I wish I was never born.”

George St. Olaf
Cataloger of Sliders Multiverses

“I was gonna say I did it in my pants one time after a long night at Golden Corral drunk, but I thought you had said poo not boo. I have never booed.”


“I boo all white people.”

Amway Rep

“I boo every monster truck but Grave Digger. Yall bitches know what’s up.”

Soldier of Fortune

“Did you ever heckle visiting right fielders at Jacksonville Suns games? Fuck those mother fuckers. Fuck you Montgomery Biscuits. Boooooo, mother fucker, boooo. I’ll tell your mama boo!”

Santaria Priest

“Romney was trying to get booed by the NAACP so racist white dudes’ll be like “Well the blacks hate him, so I love him.” The motherfucker used to pretend to be a cop and pull people over for fun. Somebody should boo him in the mouth with a super-soaker full of pee, but he’d probably be like “mmm mmm bitch, we call that a Mormon Keg Stand.”

Bell Hop

“I boo the JSO every chance I get. The symphony and the cops.”

Super Couponer

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