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Study Shows 9 out of 10 Millennials Unsure as to Where Los Locos Will Kick Their Balls


Jacksonville, FL

Let’s face it: we all know members of the “millennial” generation who are lazy social media junkies, raised on video games with graphics better than real life, who won’t look up from their cellphones to make eye contact with you and would rather disassemble than actually get jobs. But, did you know that many millennials have actually not even seen every movie made in the 1980’s like you and I have?

They don’t know where Los Locos will kick your balls to after they finish kicking your ass and your face, respectively.

Like if you remember what vidya game was unveiled in 1989’s The Wizard starring Fred Savage, some wiener kid.

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1982 Called and Said Listen to This | The Members – Radio

Yo, if yall jerks are anything like me, you have been bumping the Duck Sauce Duck Tape (below) for a while now and have maybe even tried googling some of the choice-ass tunes the Duck Sauce bros play in this sick-ass mix tape. I had the pleasure of running across Radio today and thought I’d pass it on. Enjoy: these jams, Friday the 13th and the weekend beyond. See yall on the other side.

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Lord Humongous Denied Bank Loan


Jacksonville, FL

Yesterday morning injustice reared its ugly head in a Jacksonville, Florida, Bank of America branch when Lord Humongous applied for and was denied a bank loan. According to eyewitnesses, Lord Humongous was visibly shaken and taken to tears upon hearing that his boat loan application had been denied. Humongous nor B of A representatives could not be reached for comment.


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I think if I got a $250k one spark, I could glad-hand enough city council members to legalize cannabis in Duval County

Who’s with me?

You would just have to steer clear of the Florida Highway Patrol because weed would still be illegal in Florida.

But if the feds and JSO wouldn’t bust you for pot, you would have pretty good odds of not getting busted.


Don’t wait for John Morgan to get it legal in the state. We should go for it now in Jacksonville.

Pass the dutchy as hard as you can.

Vote for 420 dude.