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1982 Called and Said Listen to This | The Members – Radio

Yo, if yall jerks are anything like me, you have been bumping the Duck Sauce Duck Tape (below) for a while now and have maybe even tried googling some of the choice-ass tunes the Duck Sauce bros play in this sick-ass mix tape. I had the pleasure of running across Radio today and thought I’d pass it on. Enjoy: these jams, Friday the 13th and the weekend beyond. See yall on the other side.

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Nightcrawler by Alfa | Song of the Day

check this fucking vocoder… it’s like Kavinsky, Justice and Herbie Hancock

File this one under Soundcloud Rando Bangers. This shit bangs.

U know u aint heard like this lately.

Homeboy’s logo is pretty dang trill too

Dude is pretty sick.

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DJ Azamat Master of Juke

dj azamatWhat up playa?

Yo, what it do?

This is what it do. If anyone wants to know what it do, tell them DJ Azamat.

The juke master.

He’s got 4 joints up on his soundcloud, which are all sick, including a Muslim Juke. If you wanna check what’s up with DJ Azamat and what’s up with juke, play the joint on this page Arnold.

It’s my fave of the 4 because it has a steel drum solo and some damn Double Dragon bass. This is some tight-ass shit.

Who the eff is DJ Azamat? Is he for real from Samara, Kazakhstan? I assume yes. Also, check his other joints on his souncloud page cuz they are funky fresh.

If you are a local DJ, I recommend working one of these tracks into your set. People will be like “Daaaaaaaaaaaamn, where does he cop these fresh ass tunes? I’m joining his e-mail list today!”

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Dirty Dirty

Whattup Jerkzzzzz

These are my Soundcloud picks for today. Enjoy them, brought to you from around the world for your filthy entertainment!

Deez are what’s hot on Soundcloud. Dig the hottest dance trends. International dance trends.

All around the world, the same beats are fueling the youth and dance partiers.

M∆DRID (Lawrance from Kansas city)

I don’t know really. Check the hard sub bass algorithmic and really fast squawk. The ghetto slow-to-South-American-ass up beat.
It’s one of those sample-vocals-only southern rap trill ass tracks.
This is some quacky shit. Ass grinden ghetto bump. It’s got this sample with a wav on it or something that is like if you busted a secret nut to the milfy lady in front of you in church when she stands up and her thin sundress in stuck up her ass and then she pulls it out and looks back all embarrassed to see if any one was staring at her sweet ass display.

Check out the sample vocals & ghetto house french shit. It’s awesome. It goes to this real ghetto Europe middle techno section.

Enjoy, jerkzzzzzzz.
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