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1982 Called and Said Listen to This | The Members – Radio

Yo, if yall jerks are anything like me, you have been bumping the Duck Sauce Duck Tape (below) for a while now and have maybe even tried googling some of the choice-ass tunes the Duck Sauce bros play in this sick-ass mix tape. I had the pleasure of running across Radio today and thought I’d pass it on. Enjoy: these jams, Friday the 13th and the weekend beyond. See yall on the other side.

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4:19, Got a Minute, for Mom’s Spagehtti

A friend of the Jerk pointed this out to me last weekend and I have been grooving on it pretty hard. Now you can groove on it too, spaghetti. And don’t even try to talk shit about Eminem or ICP cuz I’ve got family up in Detroit and they take this shit serious. So I do too.

It’s 4:19 on 4/19. Do you know where your ganj is?

See you bros on 4/20.

Don’t forget to vote for 420 at One Spark.

Mom's Spaghett Can Spook You

Mom’s Spaghett Can Spook You

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Gwar Is Playing Freebird Thursday 4/25!!!

If you have never seen Gwar play, you have never seen shit.

I saw em play Club 5 back in the day. Changed my life.

Now your ass can see em at Freebird. It will kick ass because Freebird is a fairly small venue to see such a gigantic performance. Wear clothes you don’t care about because they will pee, spew, come and barf fake blood, pee, come and vomit all over you for like 3 hours.

Check this fucking shit.

Just like my boy Quintron, Gwar used to be regulars on shitty daytime TV shows. Watch them on Springer with classic asshole El Duce. And if you want to get mad at El Duce for singing “rape rock,” be my guest. But, the fat bastard died in 1997, shortly after this Springer appearance.

Fun facts: El Duce might or might not have killed Kurt Cobain and was apparently in the Screamers when he was a teen. The Screamers are an old punk band and one of my personal favorites. You should look them up.

Anyways, Fuck El Duce. ALL HAIL GWAR!!!!!!!!

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Taj Mahal Playing PV Concert Hall June 4

I don’t know about yall, but I just might make the treck across the ditch for this one.

Might just get myself a room at the Marriott and treat myself. 

Anybody seen Taj play before? According to the press release, he’s bringing his trio band. It’s not everyday you get to hear a living legend play the blues.

See yall there.

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The Song of Today | Mr. Quintron on Jenny Jones 1999

Check this bro OUT! His look is toooooooooo funky. And so is his ex. I<3 his ex.

Did you know Quintron is performing next Monday 4/8 at Sunray Cinemas in Jacksonville 5-Points?!

Now you do, friend.
You probably aint never seen no shit like this before. So, you’re welcome.

Here’s a tune 2 get u PUMPED

Don’t know bout U, but I’m getting pretty pumped. This dude is a WILDMAN. He makes his own instruments. He supposedly puts on an almost Gwar-level live show, which will be appropriate because the only time I saw Gwar was in this same venue when it was called Club 5 and had mean skinhead bouncers. Nowadays, you can probably party your ass off and never get your ass beat.

Damn, I’m pumped for this show.

How pumped am I?

Yeah, I’m that pumped.

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Song of the Day | ▲NDRΛS – INVINCIBLE


I don’t always drop song of the days on yall with no explanatory exposition like a space nugget dropped into the woods behind the Shell station for you to Easter egg on your own waking up Sunday morning with a head full of sand, but here’s one.

I don’t know jack about these dudes other than that this is the raddest music video you will watch all week probably and any fuck boy who says other wise is probably wrong.


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Mayor Brown Always Roots for Van Owen

Would you believe that Mayor Alvin Brown actually roots for Van Owen every time he listens to Warren Zevon’s classic Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner. That just figures.

Van Owen is totally the bad guy of this song. He literally blows off Roland’s head.

But don’t forget, Roland gets Van Owen in the end.

Now hear this Mayor Brown. Roland will always get Van Owen in the end. 

You can’t hold the underdogs down forever. Even the Jaguars will be good one day.

Now enjoy a small collection of drawings of  Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner. (Source: the Internet)

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Song of the Day | Euphoria by Mondrian

La France does it again!

Oh La France, how do you do it?

Check these dudes. Pop electro French dudes. Sound like they’re 16 years old but crank out perfectly polished pop electro tunes. Keep ur eye on these homeboiz.

this is how you be cool I think.

this is how you be cool I think.

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Song of the Day | Shantytown by Desmond Dekker

So, I was mowing my yard this weekend listening to the The Harder They Come soundtrack. I had forgot about this A+ tune. Yall dig it? How could you not?

Who knew DD looked like such a badass?

Anywayz, I have 3 pieces of advice for you:

1) Dig this tune.

2) Watch this movie.

3) Go to this bar. 

4) Smoke weed every day.

5) Get 2 old-school revolvers 

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Everything I Do by Some Kid on the Internet

If you look at stuff on the internet a lot, you have done seen this.

If you have done seen this or not, go ahead and watch it again.

It’s Friday. You deserve it.

I watched it twice yesterday and I still can’t tell if this kid is for real or not. Does it matter?

Let me clarify, when I say I watched it twice, I mean I watched about a minute of it and skipped ahead to the end twice. If you can make it through all 5 minutes, YOU RULE. Maybe I’ll watch it again tonight with a hundred beers in my gut.


Make sure you watch the damn end, people. For Emily.

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