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And now yall have to deal with the website-within-a-website-within-a-website world I have created.


Advertisements Will Transition to Mug Shots-Only Site This Summer


Big changes are on the way for the Florida Times Union’s online news vehicle

FTU editor in chief Terrence Terrel told the Jerk that is going to “double down on what we know works, mug shots.”

“We’ve been running a mug shots pilot, with at least one mug shots article per day, for a couple of months now, and the results are undeniable,” Terrel explained, “With the mug shots strategy, we are finally getting the clicks our advertisers have been craving.”

Starting August 1, will be a mug shots-only website.

There is no word yet on how many staffers will be retained after the format change. But a FTU insider has assured me that Gary T. Mills’ food column will be safe.

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