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Mayor Brown Registers to Run for Reelection in Jacksonville, AR

jax ar

Jacksonville, AR

In a move interpreted by most as a simple mistake, Mayor Alvin Brown filed papers this week to run for mayor of Jacksonville, Arkansas. However, when asked about the strange filing the mayor tried to play it off saying “Naw, naw that wasn’t a mistake. I really like Jacksonville, Arkansas. I think it could be next level. When pressed on the matter that the next mayoral race in Jacksonville, AR, won’t happen until 2017, Brown conceded that he had in fact registered on the wrong website.

“Look here. It was late. I was tired. I was busy all week trying to think of a way I can explain my opposition to renewing the gas tax other than crass and blatant short-sighted vote pandering. And I made a mistake. Is it that bad of a thing? No, I don’t think so.”

Neither do I. Neither do I.


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