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How To: Use Your Church to Promote Hate

This is an e-mail that’s getting sent around by some “Christians” urging its recipients to call their council members and make a hateful noise unto the lord against a proposed bill that would add sexual orientation to the City’s human rights ordinance.

Yes, it has been picked up by national media.

Thank you.

Thanks for keeping us on the cutting edge.

1) “Our hope is that churches across Jacksonville will become aware of this bill and respond with clarity and conviction.”

Tough shit, idiot. Churches across Jacksonville don’t go in for this pathetic bullshit. Yours is part of a fringe outsider movement akin to that douchebag that got kicked out of Gainesville and the Taliban. So, fuck you. You’re going to lose.

2) “However, to add sexual orientation to that list would be to add preferential treatment to a lifestyle choice.”

Nope, wrong again, dildo. Unless you’ve essed a D, how do you know whether homosexuality is a choice or not? Did you ask a gay guy? Did you try it out for yourself to make sure?

You are old bad Jacksonville. Your support is small. You are a bad Christian and a bad person.

Get your shit together, Mayor Brown, and get on this.

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