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One Spark Sucked for Some Downtown Businesses

By: WTF Jax

“I think I made a mistake and didn’t sign up to be in the festival,” one local restaurant owner said. “And people are eating at all those food trucks on Laura. I don’t blame them, though. It’s a first time, so they want to try it.” What she did have a problem with was the pole-dancing-for-fitness display on the corner. “Have you seen those women dancing on the pole?,” she said. “What’s constructive about that?”


And business was so slow at Gus and Co. on Laura that the manager had time to stand outside and watch the crowd walk by the street, which police had closed.
One Spark, he said, had cut his luggage and shoe repair business in half.

“Customers can’t park,” he said. “I usually have two shoe-shiners, but I had to send one home. I have people pull up, drop off five, six pairs of shoes to pick up the next day. Now they can’t. “I just had a woman call from Georgia who wanted to bring two suitcases down to get fixed. I told her what the street was like, and she said she’d come on Monday.”

Our suggestion for next year to Mayor Brown is to ease the “burden” on the downtown merchants and have a booth with City Council shining shoes for tips and another with the Mayor’s staff pole dancing in business casual attire…….that could solve the complaints and we would definitely vote for that booth.


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