Monthly Archives: August 2016

Top 10 Things Curry Is Doing to Prepare for Zika in Jacksonville

  1. Monitoring swamp drainage at Marsh Landing Country Club
  2. Watching Trump rally from luxury box
  3. Fitting for mayoral bio-suit and dome
  4. Calling Orlando Mayor for ideas
  5. Emergency vasectomy
  6. Returning video tapes
  7. Doing 7-Day Love Your Spouse Challenge on Facebook
  8. Calling Deemable Tech
  9. Making memes
  10. Appointing Kenneth Adkins to Plague Czar
  11. Updating his LinkedIn

Top 10 Reasons I’m Bringing This Blog Back 

1. Because I damn feel like it

2. Donald Dump

3. Property Brothers Parody

4. Radicalization

5. Un-ironic Umbros

6. Neighborhood Meme Instagram Reviews

7. Football-related ranting 

8. Laughing at Jerks

9. Shrimpfest

10. Parole officer told me to