Jacksonville Jerk Blog Sold to Orlando-Based Corporation


Beloved Jacksonville web publication “Jacksonville Jerk” has been sold to an Orlando-based conglomerate according to early reports from the Orlando news wires services. After months of intense negotiation, the merger deal was struck in an 11th hour backroom deal, sources say. 

  When asked of his prospective payout, Jacksonville Jerk founder Spezz Meckman said “I don’t want to say how much money I made off the deal, but let’s just say that I won’t be taking a regular shower tonight. 
  Meckman an often controversial figure played to cameras early this morning when seen leaving the Omni hotel in Downtown Jacksonville where the sale was finalized. When asked details of the multi-billion dollar acquisition, the publisher replied only, “I don’t guess I’ll be using regular toilets any more. Would you? Would you!?” 

One can only speculate of the future of this beloved Jacksonville publication and its possibly newly wealthy founder. Be sure to watch this space. 


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