Area Teen Must Choose Only One of 43 Available Gangs

Brochure_KidinGangTrevor Hemphill has a problem. There are 43 active gangs in Jacksonville and he can only join one. While variety may very well be the spice of life, many teens are struggling to make the hard choice of which gang to join.

Recently, representatives of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office downplayed the issue, saying “gangs aren’t a major issue in Jacksonville,” but then also saying “Gangs are a big problem.”

“Well that’s easy for him to say,” teen Hemphill retorted, “He’s already got a gang- the JSO, and he probably hasn’t even considered picking a gang since the 70s, when there was like only Bloods, Crips, Outlaw Bikers, the KKK and Asians to choose from.

For now we will have to wait and see if the JSO and local news media will try to talk about the real problems facing youth, whip up a media fear campaign or just drop it.

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