Music Release: Just Friends Mini-Mixtape (Vol. 1) by HøM∑B0¥

HøM∑ß0¥ is Adam Mills.

HøM∑ß0¥ is a Jacksonville native living and working in Downtown Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Jerk is a dude who is stoked as ____ to get a listen on HøM∑ß0¥’s tight-ass new mix tape.

If you click play on this, you will learn what I learned this morning: HøM∑ß0¥ is bad ass. First of all, I have a really loud bass-in-your-face stereo in my car. And this mixtape gave it the workout it deserves. If you have access to a quality stereo, I recommend bumping this on it and not your laptop speakers, though it does sound good there too.

Anyways, what’s up with this dude/these jams?

homeboyI asked Adam that same question and he told me that the Just Friends Mini-Mixtape is just that: for friends. My man “just wanted to make something that makes people laugh, smile, whatever.” A noble motivation in my opinion.

HøM∑ß0¥ sez: “It’s s kind of my satyrical take on being a music producer. It’s also a creative energy release for me. It seems like everyone has started making beats. It’s such a popular thing to do now. It’s sad and funny at the same time how serious some people take it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been that serious guy before, but I’ve come full circle now. I’ve decided to go back to my roots, using silly samples and not caring much about the sound quality.”

“I just wanted to make something that was fun for me, like when I was a kid skipping school, skateboarding and making music with friends.”

And, the dude is totally underselling his producing chops because the shit sounds raw but totally on point at all moments. Also, it is a fun-ass tape. It’s got Big Lebowski samples and shit. “Serious” samples are for assholes. Just give me the shit I want!

I like this mixtape. I like the shit out of it. 

HøM∑ß0¥ gives us what we want.

HøM∑ß0¥ says he’s “already started on the next mixtape, which i should be releasing in a month or so.”

He’s currently got no plans for live shows. So, once you hear this and get a big ol’ HøM∑ß0¥ boner, you’re going to have to pester him about a live show until he does one.

Thanks HøM∑ß0¥.

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