Why is the FTU Allowed to Throw Those Little Garbage Ad Pamphlets in My Yard?



I am talking about the garbage ad pamphlets they throw in people’s yards who do not subscribe to the Florida Times Union. I am not talking about the garbage ad pamphlet + Ron Littlepage they throw into the yards of people who DO subscribe to the FTU.

I’m going to call the shit poop today yall. The shit is the litter that the FTU throws into my yard weekly, even though I have commercial relationship with them. I call poop on that.

You can’t just drive around town throwing ad paraphernalia into people’s yards. You have to at least hang an ad from a door knob like a pizza or Chinese dude. That’s fine. Maybe that should be the minimum for non-mail home ad delivery.

I guarantee more people get the pink ad paper than get the TU.

I guarantee more people get the pink ad paper than get the TU.

Who do I contact to opt out of the weekly garbage drop-off? I saw the dude throw it one time. He was in a maroon minivan. I wanted to yell at him but I didn’t.

I don’t think they should be able to just throw crap in everyone’s yard just because they happen to have a fleet of dudes driving around town throwing crap in people’s yards anyways.

If the FTU throws FTUs into people’s yards who subscribe AND they throw the ad paper into everyone’s yard who does not subscribe, then that means the FTU throws rolled up garbage into every single address in Jacksonville.

The main reason I canceled my Times Union subscription was because I got tired of picking up junk out of my yard everyday. It had nothing to do with the cost. They practically give it away. I think I paid $20 for 6 months. My 6 months ran out and they just switched me over to the ad pamphlet. Booooooooo.


Lawyers, newspaper-persons, can someone please tell me the legal difference between me throwing the remains of a Krystal number-1 out of my truck window into some jerk’s lawn on Park Street and the dude in the maroon minivan throwing the pink garbage ad pamphlet into my yard.

Seriously, let’s find out.


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