Mayor Brown Mocks One Spark in Hot-Mic Gaffe

Mayor Brown Caught in Hot Mic Gaff Making Fun of One Spark

April 11, 2013 Downtown Jacksonville

Yesterday was not a great day for Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown or for the city’s upcoming One Spark festival. Just moments after addressing a small crowd outside the School Board building, the mayor was heard over a live microphone making what he thought were candid comments.

The mayor thought the mic was off, but it was not. He could clearly be heard making the following remarks about One Spark:

“Honestly, I don’t really know what it is, but I am pretty sure it has something to do with the local gay community.”

“Oh, it doesn’t, I was wayyyy off, ha ha. My pastor says that about EVERYTHING.”

“So, just like regular people are supposed to go, like the guy who cuts my hair or the lady from Winn-Dixe, just regular folks?”

“I mean, I guess people will go, but why would they give away money to people just because they have a food truck or a local band or something?”

“Oh, oh, ok, I get it. These ideas are going to be ‘game-changers.’ Ok, but regular people will give these exhibitors their own money? But for what?”

“This is hard.”

“Wait, Peter Rummell put up how much of his own money?”


“But, wait a minute. How is a cash infusion going to create a market for these clearly unmarketable goods and services?”

“Ah, fuck it. It aint my job to figure this bullshit out.”

“What’s that? My mic’s on. Oh fuck.”

“It’s been on this whole time?”

“How much- oh, they heard everything.”

“Well, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.”

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2 thoughts on “Mayor Brown Mocks One Spark in Hot-Mic Gaffe

  1. Jamie Gardner says:

    Mayor Brown is just like most politicians and most Christian men in general, a bigot. It does not matter what color, black, white, beige, yellow, blue or red, he is a bigot.
    During his campaign for mayor, he supported the LBGT community. During last years HRO campaign, he backed away from making a statement about the issues or taking a stand. The man is neutered.

  2. […] Mayor Nes Level on on One Spark:  […]

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