Gwar Is Playing Freebird Thursday 4/25!!!

If you have never seen Gwar play, you have never seen shit.

I saw em play Club 5 back in the day. Changed my life.

Now your ass can see em at Freebird. It will kick ass because Freebird is a fairly small venue to see such a gigantic performance. Wear clothes you don’t care about because they will pee, spew, come and barf fake blood, pee, come and vomit all over you for like 3 hours.

Check this fucking shit.

Just like my boy Quintron, Gwar used to be regulars on shitty daytime TV shows. Watch them on Springer with classic asshole El Duce. And if you want to get mad at El Duce for singing “rape rock,” be my guest. But, the fat bastard died in 1997, shortly after this Springer appearance.

Fun facts: El Duce might or might not have killed Kurt Cobain and was apparently in the Screamers when he was a teen. The Screamers are an old punk band and one of my personal favorites. You should look them up.

Anyways, Fuck El Duce. ALL HAIL GWAR!!!!!!!!

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