The Mantis Shrimp Is Fake


A recent post from popular Internet website the Oatmeal is burning up newsfeeds today showcasing a colorful and educational glimpse into the life of a lesser-known sea creature called a mantis shrimp. Pretty much everyone can agree that it is a fantastic and beautifully rendered piece of sciency art. But there’s just one catch. There’s no such thing as a mantis shrimp and the entire story is a lie, according to mythbursting site

According to Snopes’ Senior Internetologist Ray Buntman, the Oatmeal even created a trumped-up wikipedia entry for the crank crustacean. Why would they do this, you may ask. “The answer is simple,” Buntman explains “The article is a prime example of a website gone out of control in a cynical and dangerous ploy for clicks. They get paid for literally every click, so they will do anything to get the clicks and get on your Facebook feed to get thousands and thousands of more clicks.”

While it may seem harmless and innocent, there is a dark underside of Internet link phishing and the global security implications may never be fully understood. As long as there are completely amoral money-hungry websites like the Oatmeal out there, my advice to you is clicker beware.

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10 thoughts on “The Mantis Shrimp Is Fake

  1. mark says:

    …but mantis shrimps are real. The peer reviewed literature is teaming with information on them, and the Australian Museum even had a feature about them in 2010. Or is the point of your blog to provide misinformation? (sincere question – I’m not sure what your blog is about).

    • Malcolm A. Cheer says:

      I agree, The Mantis Shrimp is real, I’ve plenty of them at many aquariums I’ve visited, they’re even in educational books, too. Not only that, I’ve even taken many real photos and filmed some videos about the Mantis Shrimp. They are quite clearly real, it’s like saying all dogs are completely extinct, but wait, look around the city or town, you see plenty of dogs, don’t you? Whoever wrote this entire article obviously doesn’t know anything about real science whatsoever, and is so stupid he should go back to school, oh, and the Those videos that people have made are not fake, many people can’t edit the video so that it looks real!!!!

      • Malcolm A. Cheer says:

        Also, I have many friends who are very, very, very, very intelligent and talented life scientists and experts, and they are my perfect witnesses, and they know the Mantis Shrimp is not fake!!!!

    • kris says:

      They have a live one at the Monterrey bay aquarium…i have seen it myself and a nat geo documentary on the mantis shrimp….so this website is the one that is looking for clicks.

  2. Bob says:

    To the creator of this blog:
    Regarding this post, unless your blog is meant to be a satire of some kind, please go to the following web address.

  3. Bob says:

    oops, wrong vid.(LOL I CAN”T BELIEVE I SCREWED UP ON THAT)

    but anyways, yeah, there ARE mantis shrimps. Just googling the name can yield thousands of website results, videos and images proving it’s existence. SO either your site is a satire/joke(in which case, sorry about the esult), you got information from a source that was wrong, or you are purposefully spreading misinformation. But, yeah, they are real.

  4. Lewis says:

    A pretty trustworthy site right here that is pretty confident that they exist

    • Malcolm A. Cheer says:

      Clearly, they obviously are real, the person who wrote this is a very foolish, uneducated, stupid, and retarded idiot!!!!

      • Malcolm A. Cheer says: says absolutely nothing about the Mantis Shrimp at all, he is just making stuff up, he is a sore loser!!!!

  5. John says:

    …Google Mantis Shrimp, I dare you.

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