WJCT Are Crass Jerks with Negligible Sense of Humor


It’s not very funny to spoof on the City finally resolving a decades-long failure. But, WJCT thought it was worth their time to enlist a city councilman and a state senator to couch the April Fool’s Day joke which Kerry Spekman call’s the “perfect April Fool’s Day prank” on Folio’s slick new website for idiots. 

Hey I’ve got an idea City Council President Bill Bishop: Why don’t you use your time and office to actually build something down there instead of playing along with WJCT’s pathetic joke, you fucking clown?! It is literally your job to do that. DO YOUR JOB! You are spoofing yourself and the City Council’s decades-long failure with the Shipyards. IT IS NOT FUCKING FUNNY. IT IS FUCKING PATHETIC. FUCK YOU!!!!!!

The Shipyards is the huge plot of empty city-owned waterfront property stretching between the Landing and the Metro Park, which the City is now scared to point any dollars at after pissing away millions in failed development plans during the 90’s, which I guess we can all laugh off now. Now, according to WJCT, the idea of anyone ever developing the Shipyards is an April Fool’s Day joke. It is a piece of fake news designed to be totally unbelievable. Thanks, WJCT. You are truly speaking truth to power.

I don’t feel like getting into the various failed Shipyards development plans, but if you want to read up, I suggest starting here. These dudes write in depth articles about all of our city’s failures.

If you want to read a recent story about City officials failing to develop the Shipyards, look here. Local Beer Baron and philanthropist Ben Davis actually proposed building a river front brewery and entertainment complex at the Shipyards, but Mayor Alvin Brown said no. Alvin doesn’t want to subdivide the Shipyards. I guess he is going to go with one of the other developers or local businesses who is standing in line to invest in the project. Maybe he will go with Houston-based Funtime, Inc.

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One thought on “WJCT Are Crass Jerks with Negligible Sense of Humor

  1. I have to admit that the image is classic. Kudos, jerks.

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