The Song of Today | Mr. Quintron on Jenny Jones 1999

Check this bro OUT! His look is toooooooooo funky. And so is his ex. I<3 his ex.

Did you know Quintron is performing next Monday 4/8 at Sunray Cinemas in Jacksonville 5-Points?!

Now you do, friend.
You probably aint never seen no shit like this before. So, you’re welcome.

Here’s a tune 2 get u PUMPED

Don’t know bout U, but I’m getting pretty pumped. This dude is a WILDMAN. He makes his own instruments. He supposedly puts on an almost Gwar-level live show, which will be appropriate because the only time I saw Gwar was in this same venue when it was called Club 5 and had mean skinhead bouncers. Nowadays, you can probably party your ass off and never get your ass beat.

Damn, I’m pumped for this show.

How pumped am I?

Yeah, I’m that pumped.

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