Pic of Rick Ross on Top of Florida Theatre

Rick Ross reppin Duval on Top of the Florida Theatre

Click on this shit if you want to zoom in on his fat ass.

Last Friday, Jacksonville really rolled out the red carpet for hip hop’s fakest gangsta. They even closed the Main Street Bridge to accommodate the rapper’s exceptional heft. I did not know, until I found this photo, that they were gonna roll the big guy out onto the Florida Theatre roof. I’m thinking that this Rick Ross video is going to be one tight-ass fucking video. And, I am also thinking that this video shoot going off with zero gang-related violence should be noted as a testament to the benevolent nature of Jacksonville’s typically ruthless gang community. Thanks guys!

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4 thoughts on “Pic of Rick Ross on Top of Florida Theatre

  1. i took this picture. thanks for stealing fuckass. you coulda asked and i would have said yes.

  2. Omar Shabazz says:

    Ruthless gang community? Where?

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