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Project Runway’s Tim Gunn Comes out as Straight | Celebrity Tweet Response Roundup!

Heterosexual TV Star Tim Gunn

HOLLYWOOD, USA – The fashion industry and TV industry was shocked to learn to day that Project Runway’s sassy star Tim Gunn is actually straight.

“Please honey, I get more pussy than the Humane Society dumpster the week after Christmas and Valentines Day combined,” Gunn remarked to TMZ.

Here are some celebrity response tweets to put it all into perspective.

@ashtonkutcher – So this is how it feels to be punk’d.  Not cool bro.  @tim_gunn why’d you have to punk me so hard?

@Alvin_Brown: I congratulate @tim_gunn for revealing himself to be a citizen first-class.  If you ever come to Jacksonville, Tim, I assure you that you will have every right that your heterosexuality entitles you to.

@John_Hamm – @tim_gunn is hetero?  Well, no duh.  Last year at the emmys, I offered to let him touch my wang and he declined.  Even the manliest straight men usually let me put in just the tip.  Just ask @Jason_statham

Arnold Schwarzenegger – I am very relieved by the news of @Tim_Gunn’s heterosexuality. This is like a breath of warm Flexal 454 from an otherwise Bengay scented industry.

Steve_O – WTF, @Tim_Gunn is straight. I sucked it for what bro? FOR WHAT!? Not funny. I am a human being.

@macaulley_culkin lol @tim_gunn! I saw that motherfucker pee in @claire_danes mouth in 1999. Didnt spill a drop.

@Sir_Elton_John: No shit, idiots. We’re all straight: @Tim_Gunn, @Christopher_Lowell, @Michale_Kors, @Tim_Allen, @Tom-Cruise. We bout that pussy, yall.

@marc_summers: Woah, @Tim_Gunn isn’t gay? Alright sure. Then, I’m not OCD. Macho Man Randy Savage is actually dead. And Marlon Brando began his career as a human-sized actor.