Hot Cheetos & Takis

Holy crap! Have yall seen this?


My buddy Cyboman, a local rapper, turned me on to this joint last night. It is straight dope.

Be sure to watch all the way through the end. You will see some incredible lil kid rhyming, a bunch of kids in Jaguars jerseys, some creep dude in a referee outfit at the end, some really good poppin and lockin at the end, and a dude dunk a basketball for no reason.

Ps. Have yall ever had Takis? I have not. This is something I plan on pursuing.

Enjoy. You will think about this all day and tomorrow too.

UPDATE: These adorable youngsters rep the Twin Cities, not Jacksonville. I was misled by their jerseys AND cyboman’s enthusiasm. LOL.

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2 thoughts on “Hot Cheetos & Takis

  1. west side one says:

    those kids are pretty cool!!!!!

  2. chesney says:

    how old is damian jones from the hot cheetos and takis video???

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