Casual Friday Mix-up: Mayor Brown Accidentally Wears Wife’s “Bongo” Jeans To Work

According to sources inside City Hall, Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown showed up for work last Friday wearing women’s jeans.  “They were definitely Bongo jeans”, says one city worker, “they were white jeans and they had the high waist and the button fly and everything.”  Mayor Brown’s Chief of Staff, Chris Hand, confirmed the report.  “At first, when I saw Mayor Brown from behind, I was like ‘damn, look at that ass!’.  I mean, the jeans contoured the shape of the Mayor’s buttocks so that they looked like, honestly, one of the finest female asses I have personally ever seen.  I have to admit it, I was totally sprung.”

In response to the mix-up, Casual Friday has been cancelled for all City of Jacksonville employees until further notice.  When questioned about the incident, Mayor Brown made assurances that he is a man, and that in most circumstances he wears men’s clothing.  “People of Jacksonville, I would like to make understood that what happened on Friday was not intentional”, the Mayor stated at a press conference on Tuesday, “It was a mistake that I deeply regret and that I do not intend to repeat.  Somehow, during normal laundry activities, my wife’s pants became integrated with my own pants.  I am hereby suspending Casual Fridays at City Hall until I can be sure that no more of my wife’s Bongo or Jordache jeans are mixed in with my Wranglers, my Rustlers, my Apple Bottoms and my Baby Phats.”

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One thought on “Casual Friday Mix-up: Mayor Brown Accidentally Wears Wife’s “Bongo” Jeans To Work

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