Free No More: Behind the Pay Wall

If you’re anything like me, you like to read about what bodies were found where and who molested who in the interval between the expansions and contractions of the giant banner ad on the top of’s homepage. But in a matter of weeks, this premium web content might be just out of reach for those not willing to pony up some dough.

According to the Jacksonville Business Journal, the Florida Times Union’s parent company, Morris, is throwing up the pay wall in a couple weeks. You can read about it here, if you have a JBJ password or find your uncle’s print copy.

What do you think? Will Littlepage be considered "premium content?"

What do you think? Will Littlepage be considered “premium content?”

The dude in the article says that “pay walls are most successful for publications that have distinctive coverage, like the New York Times…” So, if you ask me, it should be a perfect fit for the TU. When I think of publications providing distinctive coverage, the TU’s right up there. I’m thinking New York Times, Florida Times Union, Coastal Trading Post, Mint Magazine, Bazooka Joe Wrapper, the “Education Plan” that guy hands out in Boone Park sometimes.

So, next week, in the midst of the toughest economy since the year BC 12,014 when the fire cave got soaked and everyone ate raw stink bugs for the next 40 years until we could harness the next lightning strike, and the Florida Times Union is going to cut you freeloaders off from its premium content, yall just remember where to turn on the Internet for the distinctive coverage you have come to crave: The Jacksonville Jerk. Free for all since 2012!

For real though, let’s do this!
The Jacksonville Jerk’s no punk bitch. I’m going to give you a prediction. The pay wall will last no longer than 90 days. They will want to stick it out and give it a good solid try, but if page views dip below a certain level, they’re pulling the plug quick quicker than any sexual-pull-out-joke of your choosing. Because that’s how advertisers pull out- quickly. What do yall jerks think? Will the paywall last? How long? JBJ has a paywall and it’s successful.

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