Jacksonville Landing on Slate.com Home Page

Check it out!


Answer: Who gives a shit/fuck you.

Answer: Who gives a shit?/fuck you.

Though it might be the graphic for the most asinine campaign story possible, the Jacksonville Landing is currently rocking Slate.com’s home page. 

And all yall haters are just gonna have to sit there grooving on it.

Look! Paul Ryan found a place to park. Maybe you and your fat kids could go downtown and get some chicken tarriyaki too!

Srsly though, who could care less about Ryan’s body fat claims? Left journalists are pathetic. He’s obviously a douchy teabag-style republican senator. Do we really need NPR to delve deeply into his lying about his marathon time?

Get a fucking clue left journalists. Get on some real beef.

How about “Does Paul Ryan Really Want to See the Cost of the Total Elimination of the Social Safety Net His Budget Requires?”

Douchebag Level Infinity

Douchebag Level Infinity

That would be a more interesting story. Try to find a picture of him hurdling over a dying child instead of him fixin to not eat chicken terriyaki because he has to look good in his black mom jeans at the Landing.

We get it Slate. He’s a douchebag. What else do you got?

NOTE: I did not/will not read the slate article.

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2 thoughts on “Jacksonville Landing on Slate.com Home Page

  1. mpther fucker says:

    Pussies!!!! FUCKING white girl problems. running yuppies are gonna re vote obama harder than ever cuz they trained and sweet and put the time in and for real ran a shit load of marathons. Stop being pussies and focus on painting romney moderate and mormin so you can get the already split fanatic right to vote for crazy old man hickenbothem. They are already scared for their lives I would be pushing them as hard as possible.

  2. Rev. Dr. Q.B. Truckburger says:

    ryan is a congressman, not a senator. how confident is he in mitt’s election? confident enough to run for congress again this year…

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