Who Is This Dude!?


WINNER | Sept. 16, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Dwight Lowery (25) grabs a fan who ran onto the field in the fourth quarter of their game against the Houston Texans at EverBank Field. Lowery handed the fan over to security. The Texans won 27-7. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

If you watched the “game” yesterday, I feel bad for ya son. I listened to it on AM 690 and their Melbourne affiliate as I drove back to Jax from S FL.

It was painful enough on the radio. I can’t imagine watching on TV or IRL.

My favorite part was the fan on the field, which the pussies broadcasting always downplay and refuse to show on TV, etc. I get it. Showing fan-on-the-field moments only emboldens future idiots/lets the terrorists win.

But yesterday’s game was sooooooooo crappy, I salute this dude for giving me something to believe in. 

On the radio, they made it sound like Dwight Lowery tackled the shit out of the dude. Fortunately for said dude, it looks like the Jags’ D-Back only wrapped him up and handed him off to the yellow-shirts.

Tick one of your b-list homie. You did it!

So, anyways, who is this dude? Can I interview you for my reputable and widely read blog?

Unlike so-called “responsible” media outlets, I want to hear your story, dude who ran out on field during the Jaguars game.

As far as the rest of the game, I have nothing to say at all. Hit up Stanton grad Alfie @ Big Cat Country for all the real Jaguars talk you can handle.

And if you know who this dude is, hook me up. I want to post his story here.

Srsly, yall, what’s more fun than fan-on-the-field moments? The best part of anything is the part when some shit just goes wrong. When the thin line is crossed.


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