Mayor Brown Advises Alternative to Alternative Lifestyles

Alvin Brown and Clifford the Big Red Dog

Alvin Brown and His Fur Friend

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown a noted homophobe and outspoken furry extols the virtues of exploring alternative sexuality within the confines of heterosexual love.

“Look yall fags, a man doing it with a man is fucking gay!” Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown explained at a press conference, “but a man exploring the world of furry fetishism is a whole nother story.”

The mayor’s claims could not be confirmed because the gender of his plush pal was not revealed. However, it is widely believed that the mayor has on more than one occasion been spanked with a paddle by his pastor.

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One thought on “Mayor Brown Advises Alternative to Alternative Lifestyles

  1. Pilly says:

    Not to tinkle in your coffee Mayor Brown, but you aint gonna do jack downtown dissing the gays. The only motherfuckers who are actually moving IN to downtowns are gays. So fuck you idiot. And fuck all you idiot Jax taxpayers who are letting this moron flush all of that downtown development money down the crapper.

    Does he think the baptists are going to move downtown? Those assholes have been commuting in to the big lighthouse in the ghetto for years. They have great parking. They’re not moving downtown. You could wipe every gay off the face of downtown and those lame jerks will still move into the next new subdivision off of Normandy and drive the family truckster in to downtown every Sunday.

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