Jaguars Selling $20 Tickets

Cheap Jags Tickets Now Available

Cheap Jags Tickets Now Available


$20 Jags tickets! This is unprecedented. Remember how many years the Jags blew so hard you could scalp a ticket for like $5, but G-pa Weaver kept trying to jam you up for a $60 ticket at the box office? Those days are over fan boy!

It’s hard to not get all mushy fanboy bromancy over Kahn and his rad new policies.

These “Coin Toss” tickets are only $20, BUT:

• You have to go downtown and buy them on Saturday.

• You don’t get to know where they will be in the stadium.

• If you buy more than one, there is no guarantee that they will be together.

But, who cares. Your ass will be IN DA BANK!

You might just get to see an electrifying Jacksonville Texans upset victory, like this one.

I just happened to be in the West Touchdown Club for that game. And I think it changed my life.

So, let’s do it. GO JAGS!!!!!!!

Oh yeah. If you want a cheap ticket and you want a little more control over where you sit and who you sit with, get one from the nonprofit center and you can also designate a local nonprofit, which will receive $20 for every $40 ticket purchase.

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