Butt 2 Face

Check out this kid punking the shit out of Damien and Ralph.

That is stone cold.

Also, don’t rub it, be a man!!!!!!!!!

This clip is from Disney’s Bank Check. So claims the internet. I know I saw this movie back in the day but don’t remember anything about it. Now, the internet has given me 1 part to remember.


Did anyone else have an old-school Mac back in the day. I had a classic. I held onto it forever. It was a good computer.

Have a pleasant morning.


2 thoughts on “Butt 2 Face

  1. kinsey sky says:

    you fucking retarded sleep over bed wetter i am going to find you and make u understand the meaning of pain. i am going to truth or dare you to go ask you mom if there is a homo test that the dr. does at birth. doctor go to nurse 21 inches brown hair brown eyes cacasian 9 lb male homosexual .

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