I’m Thinking About Joining a Gang

I think this gang could probably use another white dude. So, I will probably apply for membership. Plus, they only have one dude with a gun. I will bring either a gun or a machete.

I will most likely opt for “beating in.”

Wedge from Class Act

Wedge from Class Act – My friend met him.


Remember  the Kid and Play movie Class Act? 

My buddy lives out in LA and he went to a party and he met the dude who played Wedge there.

Wedge was not invited to the party, but just happened to live in the apartment complex where the party was happening. He heard a party happening and decided to go check it out. That’s how my buddy met Wedge from Class Act.

That was a pretty damn good movie. I think I have seen that movie 20+ times.

Has anyone ever been “beat in” or “sexed in” to a gang?

What is your personal gang weapon of choice for holding while looking tough?

I wish I could see the “safety checklist.”

  • Dude with stick – check
  • Dude with bat – check
  • Dude with gun – check
  • Denim shirt – check
  • “Jordan” shoes – check
  • Chain-link fence – check
  • Du-rag – check
  • Golden chain – check
  • White guy – check
  • John Lennon-style sunglasses – check


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One thought on “I’m Thinking About Joining a Gang

  1. Kid n Play..Man i miss those movies, all that neon clothing, Ahh. My high School years. and I think that Gangs need more of the 21 Jump Street looking narcs in them

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