The City Should Skip the Air Show This Year to Save Money & Because It’s at the Beach

The only reasonable site to enjoy the Blue Angels is on the St Johns River.

The only reasonable site to enjoy the Blue Angels is on the St Johns River.

Let’s just skip this year for real because it’s at the Beach anyways and who really wants to go to that crap. They alternate the airshow each year between the good one at NAS and the crap one at the beach. This year’s is at the beach. AND The City of Jacksonville’s got to pay for the whole deal and Jax Beach says their kicking in $60k “in-kind personnel.” And Neptune Beach doesn’t even got $5 on it. But the City of Jax has to pay all the cash cost for the event? Fuck that shit. I say skip it and double down on next year at NAS.

All yall richy rich Beach hoes can suck it. Suck it Neptune Beach. Maybe if yall had a gas station or a flip-flop store you could have enough tax base to buy an airshow. Fuck yall. Yall come downtown and see if your cousin will let you ride along on his Donzi out to McGirts to see a forreal airshow. Butt head.

For real:

  1. Has anyone ever been to the Sea and Sky Spectacular?
  2. I have not.
  3. Is there really a better place than the Ortega River to watch the Blue Angels?
  4. The parking lot over by Trent’s is also good. And Loud.

How bout it.

People who live in Jacksonville only hate one place more than Downtown Jacksonville and that place is Jacksonville Beach.

So all Jacksonville City Councilmembers,

Heed the call. Heed the call, patriots. Vote to skip the Jax Beach air show, the so called S & S Spectacular. Keep our money here in Jacksonville. What’s Bo Gulliford gonna do? Nothing. He aint shit. Tell that bitch to s the d. Then use some of the money we save to invest in social services or schools or libraries or good parks. Then have the most badass airshow ever. At NAS.


Yes, the Blue Angels has a NASCAR.

Yes, the Blue Angels has a NASCAR.

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4 thoughts on “The City Should Skip the Air Show This Year to Save Money & Because It’s at the Beach

  1. mithril_helm420 says:

    All I know is that I’ll be drinking a dogfish head 90 minute IPA on the roof of my beach house with zinc on my nose watching the blue angels being totally f-ing sweet bro while you sit on a cow patty in some cow field, between mushroom picking sessions, drinking steel reserve out of a can and chewing tobacco and not watching planes fly around and almost hit each other. Fuck you dude!

  2. harsh AASSSS FUCCCCCCC says:

    i seen a sticker on a car overhere says malt life… aint no breweries at the beach ur beer no matter how long and descriptive is can suck it. lol the roof of your beach house has a deck built on cuz ur not water front. people grow shrooms hydro u bo bo. ur mom wrote bitch boi in zink on your back somuch when you were a kid that the rest of your back skin got charred off and all that is skin left is that which says bitch boi so every night you cry thinking it’s unfair that your momma didnt realize that your a “fuck toilet man shit brain little dick sucking dick lover who crys when you thought you hooked up with a fancy little dick dude and then he ends up to be a big dick gay and you suck it even though you only like to suck little dicks bich boy” cuz if she wrote all that on your back you might have some more skin and you wouldnt have to smoke so much heroin just to deal with the day to day pain of being you.

  3. mithril_helm420 says:

    Dude that was totally uncalled for bro. Don’t make me ride my long skateboard over to your yurt or whatever kind of fucking teepee westsiders live in and teach you some damn manners. Recognize your betters, son! SALT LIFE UBER ALLES!!

  4. […] yall know I would not have cared a bit if they would have canceled last year’s Blue Angels, because it was at stupid Jax Beach. But this year, it’s our turn to have the Blue Angels on […]

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