Monday Morning Gif Roundup

Hey dudes!

I spent all weekend, like 72 hours straight, scouring the internet for the hottest new gifs.

Here they are!!!!!!!!!

Dear Technology,

When will you allow us to put .gifs on t-shirts? Why is this too much for you to handle? We want it all. We want it all. And we want it now. 


J. Jerk

Ps, I lied. I did not find these .gis on the internet. I found them in a folder named “top finishers” on the desktop of Tarlton Samuels’ computer. Well, at least we know now to what Tarlton finishes. Thanks, T$!

Seriously, though, why couldn’t it have been Dennis Miller that got cut down in his prime instead of Phil Hartman? Fuck Dennis Miller. He aint funny. His shit is lame. RIP PH.

One more time for the world!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tarlton Samuels is a pale man with more Dungeons and Dragons-themed tattoos than you would believe. He and his dog “Puffie” share an Avondale garage apartment, subsisting on a diet of off-brand cheese curls and dryer lint from the laundr-o-mat.

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10 thoughts on “Monday Morning Gif Roundup

  1. chilldude_420 says:

    yall need to get over this sunglasses-drop bs. that shit wasn’t funny when eddie murphy did it in the 80s and it ain’t funny now. i hope u drop your sunnies in a toilet for real.

    • teamus says:

      U is jelly as fuck.

    • father of time says:

      Everyone who wears name-brand sunglsses is a ho because they enjoy wearing a corporate logo on they face like a corporation did a $ shot in they eye and now they dont want it wash it off forever. I think you is probably that hoe. HolisterIsBetterThanAbercrimbie4Life.chilldude.SUCKIT

  2. Dr. Martin Jinco says:

    drop em or not i just stair at the internet all day and feel nothing cuz i did too much exstcy in the 90’s and my not feel no more funnies of any kind so i don’t know if its funny or not. but i can say for certain that it is in fact a thing i can look at on the internet cuz u all put it there…

  3. chilldude_420 says:

    bust you in the mouth, lil ho

  4. Dr. Martin Luther Jinco says:

    i bust in a hoes mouth one time and she dint swallow she did a fake swallow and was just real quite the rest of the time we shared. I sit and wonder some times what she did with that litle nut… maybe she went to the sperm bank and sold it maybe she grew it in an unfertalized chicken egg maybe she spit it in her boy friends face. I am just never gonna know cuz she died and i cant ask her oh wait she was u.

  5. chilldude_420 says:

    Why don’t you come see me at ellusions during my shift and say that to my face? oh, you won’t, because your an internet muscle-man but in real life your a girly-man.

  6. Dr. Martin Luther the king Jinco says:

    i’m a merry man of times of sand and i play a tune in the hearts of man my gay of flute and bassoons fairy toot brings tears to stamen on tips of flowers. I cary the eyes gaze from foggy vistas to in your face praze from my mista. I’m not you this time for your face is of my mist. I’m me to prance this frothy bliss.

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