Gay Jax Businesses Thrive in Spite of Hostile City Government

A Recent Burro Bags Advertisement Features “Gay Pride”

In spite of the City Council’s recent ruling that all gays can suckit and the official Fuck All Yall Fags issued by Mayor Alvin Brown, gay business in Jacksonville is thriving. One must look no further for proof than this recent ad posted on FB by Burro Bags, a local retailer and manufacturer specializing in fashion bags for men.

In the ad, we see a mustached young man entering a shirtless blonde boy with a stripped bed in the background.

For me, it is refreshing to see gay business totally kicking ass in spite of the hostile conditions created by Mayor Brown and First Baptist Thug Squad, AKA Jax City Council.

Keep it up boyz! And for the latest in funky fresh cycle gear to help get you and your bike fabulous, get your ass to BB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a long hard look, Mayor Brown. This is where men love men. And you’re just gonna have to sit there groovin on it.

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2 thoughts on “Gay Jax Businesses Thrive in Spite of Hostile City Government

  1. Archangel says:

    They sell bags for girls too.

  2. u.g.l.y. kid jah says:

    bro these mother fucking pussy slayers aint gay they pull the tags off no refund bitch who cares not me i dint buy it in the first place and therefore aint returning it anyway so much fucking bike girl front butt(pussy) it makes every room in every appt stink in a very hetero way be it a very self indulgent lazy don’t wash a crack and ride a bike everyday still eat the pussy and lick the ballz and buts cuz they r freaky in a hetero puke if you’re rich and can afford to lose the booze way

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