Idiot Mayor Brown Thought This Onion Story Was Real

Whatta boob

Whatta boob

If you hang out on the internet long enough, you’re going to read some pretty funny Onion headlines. Keep watching and you’ll see one that hits close to home, like this one. If you hang out on facebook long enough, you’ll see idiots getting outraged at Onion headlines they think are real. Now our own mayor is among this select class on internet powerusers. Congrats Alvin. We all thought you were dumb for trying to evict the Jaguars from Everbank field that one time and then continuing to antagonize Kahn for some unknown reason which we can only assume involves some type of kickback scenario. Now we just feel sorry for you like one of our dopey aunts or freind’s moms who doesn’t quite understand the internet or reality in general. It’s ok, though. He may be a dumb, dumb mayor. But he’s our mayor. Mr. Brown, the Jerk salutes you.

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2 thoughts on “Idiot Mayor Brown Thought This Onion Story Was Real

  1. Becky Fred says:

    naw fore though i dont know who those onion dicks think they are they need to go home and see what there daughters are doing with the short shorts and powder drugs. culb popin coocies and booty head giving power stride fuck dancin. also when ever they put on their shoes in the morning the stare into the filthy bottom part and think about how they are still in pretty good condition not to worn not bad at all and then they slowly bring the shoe up to their face and they sniff it and remember the time they were at the park and stepped in some shit and think humm that smell even though it may be faint never really goes away i should have immediately thrown these shoes away. then they shut their eyes and stick out their tungs for what they really want undeniable in judgement day truth and lick and know more about just day to day traffic but they try and imagine the shit essence that they smelled on the shoe and try to pick out the specific shit taste as they lick into the cracks back where the heel meats the sole and up and around the threading. then they put their shoes back on the floor and slide there feet into them lace them and go to their computers and look down at their swelling dicks and jack there jiz straight out of their dicks into their faces and write this fucking abomination about my jaguars. naw fuck that fuck boiz come to jax 103 street walmart parking lot i’ll fuck u till u love me fuck boi no one says shit about the jaguars that’s not from jacksonville FUCK U FUCK U FUCK U FUCK U

  2. Becky left an interesting comment. I’m not sure if the Ebonics add to the their disgruntled tirade or if it takes away from the shit-shoe-licking anecdote. Either-way, summing up the the comment with; “…boiz come to jax 103 street walmart parking lot i’ll fuck u till u love me…” was very effective. Professional football fans all-over should think twice before picking fun at a team with the Leagues best rusher (though don’t mention how we might loose him over contract issues).

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