Councilman Love: Gay Rape Is Illegitimate

Aw hell, I’m going to Park Place for a stiff one.

In the next chapter of the Republican Party’s total pathetic failure and eventual total implosion, Jacksonville City Councilman Jim Love told reporters this morning that he does not consider gay rape legitimate. “In my opinion,” District 14’s brave representative explained, “a real rape, an actual legitimate rape only occurs between a man and a women. Not a man and a man. Man rape is illegitimate and, in my opinion, will not result in a pregnancy.”

Councilman Love, you’ll remember, is the same genius who proposed a moratorium on all new businesses in the Riverside/Avondale area even though his dumb ass owns a business on Post-and-fucking-King. Also, he’s the same genius who voted against the human rights ordinance amendment to include protections for gays even though he represents THE GAYEST DISTRICT IN THE CITY. Way to go, jack-off!

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5 thoughts on “Councilman Love: Gay Rape Is Illegitimate

  1. Rev. Dr. Q.B. Truckburger says:

    i am imagining jimmy love owning that burger king on post and king, which is the worst burger king ever. now i am imagining jimmy love being raped by a woman in the bathroom there, and praying that he won’t get preggers because the male body has no way to shut that whole thing down.

  2. Talman Uh Hu says:

    it’s hard to know what the fuck is going on j. jerk cuz half the shit is u post is like a fake record show or a fake melissa ross nip slip or some shit and then you talk all this seemingly concerned citizen shit. is that shit made up or is j love really of the opinion that man cant rape man cuz im a man and im hard as shit(in my fucking dick) and im gonna go get off on having non con sensual but non rape sex on j love’s butt crack, hole, squezed together stomach butt and mouth.

    • Teemus Parl says:

      Fuck you bitch. He don’t have to tell you the difference in real and fake. If you can’t even find your own Melissa Ross nip slips then you’ve got nowhere else to go. J. Jerk makes Melissa Ross slip a nip just by walking down the studio hallway when she catches a whiff, know what I;m saying.

      The truth is hard to deal with in this town. Everyone’s either a fag or an asshole who hates fags. There’s no inbetween. You rape men or b raped by men. There is no ither way. One day, everyone’s going to drive past J. Love’s queer lil insurance parlor across the street from every gay bar in town and pour a gallon of pink paint on his 2007 Audi and his wife will divorce him because she always wanted to anyways. SO FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  3. Archangel says:

    On the real, I heard Jym Love keeps a journal of every nut he has ever busted in his life and the most recent 400 pages of bust accounts are set in a stall in the Kickbacks bathroom and around 100 of these feature “accidental” walk-ins of the “oh how embarrassing, I must have forgot to locked the door…..” variety.

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