Pele’s Wood Fire to Offer Pube-Topped Pizza

Did anyone else see this bit of carefully crafted promotional messaging in the latest Jacksonville Magazine?

After I wolfed back the throwup my stomach made in my mouth, I wondered: Why would an up-scale pizza restaurant use such a disgusting picture in a full-page paid ad?

I wondered for about a week. Then another week.

I still don’t know. Does anyone else find this picture disgusting? Does it make you want to go to Pele’s?

It kind of makes me want to go there to punch this dude in the face. And then never eat or drink anything sold in this restaurant.

And let’s face it people: upscale pizza is kind of a rip-off anyways. But, I would think that a young entrepreneur working his ass off to get his pizza concept start-up off the ground, who is paying top-dollar for ad space, could come up with better ad art than this dude with the face-pube-stache.

Ewwwwww. Just ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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2 thoughts on “Pele’s Wood Fire to Offer Pube-Topped Pizza

  1. my face as god made me says:

    yo maw faka that boi gets more pussy coochie and dick than any one i have ever seen. that ad is proven to works sexualy for every posable demigraphic. j. jerk just imagine your sexual bust at this boy with his m stache tied around your dick and balls trieing to bandage a sore on your taint.

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