Everything I Do by Some Kid on the Internet

If you look at stuff on the internet a lot, you have done seen this.

If you have done seen this or not, go ahead and watch it again.

It’s Friday. You deserve it.

I watched it twice yesterday and I still can’t tell if this kid is for real or not. Does it matter?

Let me clarify, when I say I watched it twice, I mean I watched about a minute of it and skipped ahead to the end twice. If you can make it through all 5 minutes, YOU RULE. Maybe I’ll watch it again tonight with a hundred beers in my gut.


Make sure you watch the damn end, people. For Emily.

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2 thoughts on “Everything I Do by Some Kid on the Internet

  1. Is he ready to golf or something? he looks like he’s about to whip out a Bob Hope type joke or something. But wow, It’s abortively hypnotic, I got like 20 seconds of this and it’s like accidentally finding a porno of your parents or realizing you just saw a part of a snuff film, yet not that bad, I’m disfused like confused and disturbed at the same time. Huh…This would freak out an acid head instantly..

  2. Jhonz says:

    Nice rant, stretcherbearer. Bet you could go on for another day or two.

    If you don’t watch the whole video, how would you check out the massive jamming at 2:43? I was sober too. This stuff is precious; goes to show some parents do throw away the baby and raise the placenta every once in a while. I did less than a gram of shrooms about 8 years ago and I think I just relapsed at 3:34, when he starts walking towards the camera and raping the ever-living fuck out of my personal bubble. Thanks for sharing!

    No… wait. Fuck you for sharing.

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