Dan Hicken Rants at Bob Costas

This is funny. Check out Dan Hicken ranting on First Coast News about Bob Costas’ late sign-off.

Fans of Hicken’s morning show on 1010xl are well aware that he’s typically a little vanilla on First Coast News compared to his AM (and now also FM 92.5) saltiness.

This is pretty good. Lst week on 1010xl, he did like a 15-minute rant about a late night altercation in Jimmy Johns. This dude’s on a roll.

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2 thoughts on “Dan Hicken Rants at Bob Costas

  1. EB says:

    Can we say “early retirement” might be in order for this clearly over stressed, not clear thinking mind of a reporter!
    Maybe a long break away from the lights in his eyes so he could better see/ understand the concept of USA national pride that 300 million Americans don’t mind listening to and will wait to watch even if a brodcast goes over 8 minuets long!
    Personally I would rather learn more about our national heroes and their acomplishments on behalf of our country, than to listen to the rantings of a guy who is way past retirement!
    His rant clearly shows he is more concerned about his time in the “limelight” than for what We, as Americans hold dear as Our national pride in the acomplishments of the Best of what We as Americans have to offer our nation! Pride, respect, and dignity in our top performing athletes!

  2. rusty achers says:

    im a man and a good god damn american i know alot of shit about alot of shit if you get raped women ur body will know to purg its self fuck u im pro life even in rape cases sucka dick in a rape type scenerio if your worried about this shit. god wants me to have smart thinking and shit about all this stuff i know about cuz i say so. fuck obama fuck fuck fuck let a man have his money and let a man have his fredom and let a man speak his mind and let a bitch or that that acts likea bitch mr obama b under me my country tis of the sweet land of liberty of the we sing. fuck regulations of everything im smart ur dumb fuck rick scot though i dont need some action man potting it in my face how all of this crazy shit pans out on a local level it’s about my alignment not your orientation everyone is doing it worong exept what i say so cuz i care about nationalism and fucking values and no regulation and 1st amentment and tell u u dont tell me!!!!!!!!!

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