Song of the Day | Nazi Punks Fuck Off by Dead Kennedys

Today’s Song of the Day is brought to you by “domestic terrorism” and the dildo nazi punk that shot up the sikh temple.

Fuck you bro. Now you’re dead.

I hope it hurt when you got dead and I hope that priest dude got in some good stabs on your pasty fat ass.

Ps, your band sucked. Hard.



6 thoughts on “Song of the Day | Nazi Punks Fuck Off by Dead Kennedys

  1. Nice! Good catch on the vid. Just woke up and heard about this swasti-douche. I grew up in Arizona, and Neo-Nazi morons were abound. It was great when you got passed up by the good clean white family’s while waiting in line at a restaurant because you were a White guy with a Mexican Girl (gasp!) and hanging out with your (heathen) Native American friends. Needless to say I don’t live there anymore

  2. Dude, that sounds fucked! There is a lot of racism in Northeast Florida, too. Does anyone remember that nazi-punk fest they used to do near Jax in Southern GA or somewhere? Fuck those dudes. Fuck them all!

    • Rev. Dr. Q.B. Truckburger says:

      it’s called hammerfest. as far as i know, it still happens every year. you could check out stormfront or something if you really wanted to know, but i stopped trolling there years ago…

      • Hey Rev. Are you a Subgenius Affiliate? Just Curious, now that you mention itI do remeber the Hammerfest, of course written in that German heavy metal script probably with umlauts dripping all over it. My friend ( She’s a Mexican girl) used to hang out with the S.H.A.R.P.S. down in Bullhead/Laughlin AZ/Nev. respectively and they used to talk about Skrewdriver and the other Neo-Nazi bands, crap music. ( in case you’re wondering the Sharps are the Skinheads against racial prejudice. the look, and dress like you’re regular skinheads, but they like to fuck up the plans and mess with the other neo-nazi groups, and are actually Decent dudes..)

  3. Rev. Dr. Q.B. Truckburger says:

    not a subgenius, but a dischordian. i think that counts for something, but it probably doesn’t. jacksonville still has sharps, but i don’t see the racist skins as much. guess i just don’t frequent the honky tonks like i used to. once knew a racist brazilian skin (?!) in sarasota who sported a screwdriver shirt everyday. he could not be reasoned with.

    • stretcherbearer says:

      Hey, Dischordian; Subgenius, it’s all good, good being relative to the observer,I’ve never understood the whole Brazilian/Nazi affinity. puzzling to me.fairly amusing though. I live in Salem, OR, We’ve got the old State Stoney Lonesome here, and the State Mental Hospital that they filmed One Flew Over The Cuckoos nest at, so occasionally we see weirdness like a few years back where the Aryan Brotherhood adopted a highway; the Same with Local KKK (?) Chapter. Both times the city got tired of replacing the stolen signs. The Thing is The Neighbors on these rural stretches of road got bent when the signs went up and the Portland media was all over it, yet no one from the A.B. or the Local Klan Chapter(didn’t even know we had one) came out to defend their actions…kind of funny.

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