Song of the Day | Pimp by TI

The king is back yall. He did his time. He’s back.

Check out this filthy-azz track off his Fuck Da City Up mixtape.

The whole album is good as fuck and really brings you back to the way you felt when you first heard King and were like “DAMN this dude can RAP!”

Also, this track features Pimp C, who is dead. From sippin lean. RIP, homie.

Rip the shit off from the internet or get your buddy who’s into rap to burn you a copy. This didckhead doesn’t need any more money. But you gotta give respect to da king!

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2 thoughts on “Song of the Day | Pimp by TI

  1. History Fan says:

    4 real fuck every one but me! THIS SONG IS SO FUCKING GOOOD!!! FUCK U 4 LIFE!! 4 real feel me? BITCH!!! DICK OF U!!! I SEEET I SKEET I SKEET I LOVE U

  2. Josh B. says:

    BITCH!, You know you love this life.

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