A Shit-Load of Olympics Logos

Alright bro-dogs, the Olympics.

Here are a shit-load of olympics logos. Just 4 U!

I aint gonna get into a full/half-assed critique of them all, but as you will probably agree, it is obvious that they sure don’t make em like they used to. While I do think they are getting better after bottoming out around Barcelona or Sydney, I don’t think they will ever touch fucking Munich or Mexico City.

I mean look at motherfucking Munich. They kilt it. Done.


Coming soon: A shit-load of olympics mascots!

Games Logo
1968 Winter OlympicsGrenoble  
1968 Summer OlympicsMexico City  
1972 Summer OlympicsMunich  
1976 Winter OlympicsInnsbruck  
1976 Summer OlympicsMontréal  
1980 Winter OlympicsLake Placid  
1980 Summer OlympicsMoscow  
1984 Winter OlympicsSarajevo  
1984 Summer OlympicsLos Angeles  
1988 Winter OlympicsCalgary  
1988 Summer OlympicsSeoul  
1992 Winter OlympicsAlbertville  
1992 Summer OlympicsBarcelona  
1994 Winter OlympicsLillehammer  
1996 Summer OlympicsAtlanta  
1998 Winter OlympicsNagano  
2000 Summer OlympicsSydney  
2002 Winter OlympicsSalt Lake City  
2004 Summer OlympicsAthens  
2006 Winter OlympicsTurin  
2008 Summer OlympicsBeijing  
2010 Winter OlympicsVancouver  
2012 Summer OlympicsLondon  

What do you think? Designers? Logo enthusiasts? Are they getting better? Worse? Are we (Europe) going back to 90’s-ass shit like le Tour de France 2012 logo? Please chime in.

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One thought on “A Shit-Load of Olympics Logos

  1. History Fan says:

    barcelona dude drew it in the mid morning took a siesta took the afternoon off and the janitor went ahead and sendt it in.

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