Testarossa Autodrive by Kavinsky

Viva la France!

Vive l’Autobahn!

Viva la Discotheque!

Deal with this shit FUCKERZZZZZ!

Who the fuck is Kavinsky? I son’t know, maybe a zombie DJ from 1986 reanimated to shred prog disco for the 2006?


Maybe not.

Maybe it’s just Busy P or someother Frenchass mother fuckiers side proj.

Oh sheeeit.

It’s tighter than your main proj.

Tight like the jaws of life.

The jaws of death.

Dig it in all it’s 2-minute glory.

This dude is sick + there’s lot o mad-sick remixes of this joint and all his other joints. Put it in your Jetta or whatever other girl car you drive and try to score some putty-tacng 2nite. bitchezzzzzzz.


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