Bad Driver Looked Just Like George Zimmerman

“Dude, get the fuck out of my goddamned way you George Zimmerman-looking mother fucker,” cursed father of 4 Tom Seiss yesterday while attempting to exit I-10 for Roosevelt Boulevard.

“Look at this dumbass, just putzing along going 40, on I-fucking-10. Of course he’s got his cellphone jammed in his ear like a total douchebag. Who the fuck are you talking to, didlo, your boyfriend?” Seiss continued to chide the other driver from the safety of his car.

“It’s not my fault you look exactly like George Zimmerman and can’t fucking drive and can’t stop talking on your cellphone long enough to fucking get over into the right lane so motherfuckers can pass! Just move. Just move now. I wish you were dead.”

Eventually the two parted ways without incident. Fortunately, Tom Seiss’ 4 children were not present to hear this torrent of profanity.

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