Reward Offered for Stolen GA Jon Boat

Nevermind how kind of creepy this picture looks. Some low-life stole this kid’s dang jon boat!

In this craigslist ad, the poor lil guy’s dad explains how the jon boat, whcih didn’t even have a motor on it at the time of its theft, was his son’s “pride and joy.” Of course it was. Look how sweet that thing is. Hell, you could tow it behind a moped! And, he’s offering $500 in reward for any info on the robbery. He seems like a nice dad. My dad never bought me a jon boat when I was a lil squirt, sheeeeeeeeit!

Shame on you, thief! Shame shame shame.

If you know anything about this, give the man a call. This is prime fishing weather and the boy’s boat is gone.

Whoever stole the boy’s boat is a truly worthless scumbag and I hope you get thrown in county for 6 months and you get evicted from your trailer and your old lady sells your Camaro for like $400 and goes on a shopping spree and the Town Center. YOU SUCK!

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