Councilman Love Removes Shirt Revealing Tattoo

In an unprecedented turn of events, District 14 Councilman Jim Love ended last night’s council meeting shirtless.

“Things got heated and I felt like all those Southside dickheads were ganging up on me, so I popped the shirt, that’s all. That’s pretty much how we do it in Riverside. Aint nothin to it, really,” Love told a Jacksonville Jerk correspondant.

Most observers agreed that they have never seen a Councilmember remove his shirt before. But what really grabbed the attention of spectators was Councilman Love’s tattoo.

Positioned just left of the Councilman’s naval, the tatto appeared to be a sexy pink power ranger.

“Well that about beats all I ever seen,” said a clearly bewildered old man named Willy.

Representatives of Saban Entertainment could not be reached for comment.

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2 thoughts on “Councilman Love Removes Shirt Revealing Tattoo

  1. Reverend Q.B. Truckburger says:

    after jimmy pops the shirt, he usually busts his blade.

    • niiiiiiice. Qb knows whats up! Free Tupac! After hiding in France Tupac has been enslaved by the Viacom coroporation and is now forced to perform as a pretend hologram/android. but he is real

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