Check out the JSO Cop Car in dis Reggae Video, Mon

Duuuuuuuuuuuude, check this shit out.

1) This song kills. Classic roots reggae jam. You’ll dig it. There’s a spliff light-up like every 20 seconds.

2) Check out the JSO cop car at 3:19. Duuuuuuuuuuval. Also, those courthouse shots are from Tampa. I know. I know fuck Tampa. Well, fuck you.

Do you think one of the Marley bros or Buju got picked up for burnin herb in Duval and they’re in the back of dis squad car gettin rode down to Babylon? Maybe it was DJ Res-Q who got busted. Booooooo, JSO. Free Buju! Free Jah Cure!


4) Did anyone go to Buju Banton at UNF in like 2002? Probably not, because I did and there were like 40 people there. It was on the green in the middle of the summer. Hot as fuck. Good show, though. The dude travels with a huge live band that is pretty sick.

5) Byebye

6) Special tanks to Bitchin Camaro for this rad video find.

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