The Last Supper by Lawnmowa Mane Feat Cyboman & Lil Nilla

Have yall heard this shit? Local filth rapper/wannabe white-boy thug-house artist Lawnmowa Mane dropped a pretty dope mixtape a few months back called Casual Male XL for free streaming or download on soundcloud.

Here’s one of my favorite tracks:

If you like off-the-wall shit, you might dig the album. The tracks range from filthy-ass rap jams, with pretty crunk Southern-style beats and even a Chris Issaks sample to old-school house joints with crazy sample montages featuring shit like police academy quotes and dumb-ass shit like Tourrettes Guy.

It is clear that this is an exercise I-don’t-give-a-fuck music making, which I really kind of dig + it sounds good in my overblown, high schoolesque sound system in my truck. Also, the lyrics are fucking ridiculous.

Welcome to basspocalypse. Welcome to the pleasure dome.

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3 thoughts on “The Last Supper by Lawnmowa Mane Feat Cyboman & Lil Nilla

  1. Randy says:

    Man that’s horrible.

    • Crystal Carnival says:

      Seriously bruh. It’s like them bruh never even listend to modern rap before. Ever heard of Drake? Ursher? That’s good music. These guys are total dix

  2. History Fan says:

    i got a shoelace cost a shoe mane im icey out

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