Mayor Alvin Brown Responds to Flaming Bag Left On His Doorstep

By Marwyn Pristle

“It’s poop again!”, Mayor Brown told reporters early this morning at a press conference in front of his home.  “When I saw it, my first thought was ‘oh no, it’s another one of those flaming bags’.  I should have listened to my wife Santhea when she told me not to put it out with my boots.  Now I’ve got poop all over my good boots.”

When asked whether this may be related to Mayor Brown’s continued resistance to the gay rights bill 2012-296, a top aid to the Mayor had no comment.  When asked if he could provide any comment at all on the incident, the aid stated, “Look, there’s nothing political about this.  He (Mayor Brown) called the shit poop and we all heard it.  Can’t we all just laugh about this and move on?”

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3 thoughts on “Mayor Alvin Brown Responds to Flaming Bag Left On His Doorstep

  1. Crystal Carnival says:

    Yall for real shouldn’t be taint-speaking the mayor like this. He is a good man and a true soldier in God’s army. You all should be bless just to live in a place like Jacksonville where a honest nice man like Alvin can become mayor. You all listening to your hiphop music and always saying n-word this and n-word that and poop and pee and cum and pussy all the time should be ashamed and your granny should spank you till ur butt hurts.

  2. History Fan says:

    I ejaculate into the fountain.
    I ezjasculate into the fan.
    I sniff the seats of bikes made in Japan.
    I Jiz off a mountain.

    I ruin my partners.
    I rancid seed do da gardiner!
    what do you call an animal doctor?

    skin to skin suck me thin with sin hole skin

  3. Charles Anderson says:

    Yall for real get gayer and gayer each and every day. I think if yall added up the number of penises in yalls butts at any given moment, the figure would reach astronomical proportions requiring a new england phd to analyze. Analeaze this. Analease that. Marvin Pastel or whatever your name is = total hack. Id rather read the butt of a red-butt monkey. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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