Whats the Deal with the Tour de France Logo?


Recently I discovered that I can watch any sport on TV and enjoy it more than virtually any non-sports TV program. EVEN EUROPEAN SPORTS. So, I’m getting kind of pumped for the Olympics. Yall feel me?

So I was watching some Tour de France time trials this morning and they were electrifying. Just one dude at a time on a bike. Not a F1 car. Not a NASCAR. Not even a dirtbike. Just a single bro pumpin his cycle up the hill through beautiful French countryside.

Anywho, wtf is up with the tdf logo? I get it, it’s a bike dude riding a bike made out of the o and a yellow circle that I guess is a sun. But what is the u? I don’t want the dude to sit on that spiky u. He thinks he’ll be sitting back onto his saddle, but it’s goin to be some double-spike Spanish Inquisition-style butt spike. Careful buddy. It aint right back there.

So aside from the somewhat contrived nature of the cyclist image jim-jammed into the logo, wtf is up with the general look/feel of the thing? It looks like a 1990s ad for Sun Chips or Visit Phoenix. Could there maybe be a cactus and coyote too?

What do yall think? Designers, sports fans, art people? Am I being overly critical? Do yall think it looks rad? Maybe it does.

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2 thoughts on “Whats the Deal with the Tour de France Logo?

  1. Mike Corrigan says:

    they shoulda made the frace a hairy pit nekid girl on a frinch riviera!!!

  2. […] Are they getting better? Worse? Are we (Europe) going back to 90′s-ass shit like le Tour de France 2012 logo? Please chime in. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Tagged cewl […]

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