Brown “Answers” Questions About Human Rights Ordinance

Click the pic to watch Brown’s meandering “answers” to the TU ed-board re: the HRO


Did yall see this?

It’s a video of the Times Union’s editorial board asking Mayor Alvin Brown about whether he supports the Council bill proposed by Councilman Warren Jones which would amend the city’s human rights ordinance to include protection from discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation. The ordinance currently states that, in Duval County one cannot legally be discriminated on based on their religion, race, etc, but NOT sexual orientation.

Watch as the mayor lays out some answers.

He’s like “Well, duhhhhhh, and derrrrrrrrrrrrrr. You know, I buhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Seriously, Alvin you sound like a fucking moron.

His answer is “I will consider any piece of legislation that crosses my desk.”

Really? How bout my bill that proposes the mayor eat 1 dog-doo snow cone for every day he holds the city hostage in the stone age. Will you consider that piece of legislation, ya dildo?

Then, he goes on to pretty much state that Warren Jones never called him about the ordinance before hand and so it’s a bad idea because Brown wasn’t in on it from its genesis. Mayor Brown’s like one of your idiot friends who can’t be the third or fifth person you invite over cuz their feewings get huwt. You have to call him first and make him think the party was his idea.

For real, bro. You need to grow up and deal with shit. This aint going away, buddy.

I take these “answers” as nothing more than a stiff FUCK YOU to every LGBT person living in Duval County. So, whatevs.

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One thought on “Brown “Answers” Questions About Human Rights Ordinance

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