Song of the Day | Windy by the Association

Breaking Bad Song of the Day Marathon
Day IV

This is Windy by The  Association, which accompanies a nice bj marathon about Wendy, Jesse Pinkman’s meth-ho girlfriend who helps supply his alibi and refuses to crack beneath the pressure of Hank Schrader and Gomie’s intense interrogation. Wendy also appears when Hank takes Walt Jr. to see the ugly side of drug abuse at the Crystal Palace. Hank’s all like “How much for a wendy, Wendy?” And then Wendy’s like “Ew, ya want me to do the kid?” You should have gone for it Walt Jr.  Vini Vidi Vici

How much for a wendy Wendy?

One time I saw the Association on the 4th of July in South Florida and I was like “who is the Association?” My wife and my dad were like, “oh, you know, they  sing that one song, what is it, oh yeah, Windy.”

They were pretty good.

Where the hell is my god dang root beer!?

Wendy is 69″

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